Clean Up Your Contacts

Extensions is a must have utility that helps organize the office extensions of all your business or personal contacts in one simple to use app. It is specifically designed for those people who need to call their office regularly, but don't necessarily need a separate entry for each co-worker stored in their contacts. Do you often forget a friend or family members office extension? You can add them too! Organize your extensions by business, family, friends or whichever way suits your needs.

Another major benefit of using Extensions is the removal of contact list clutter. Streamline your contact lists and use Extensions rather than repeating that same office number over and over. Just add the office number to your contacts once and keep your co-workers name and extension in Extensions. How many times do you need the same phone number stored in your phone? Launch Extensions when making a call to retrieve the extension you need. It's that simple!

Why You Need Extensions:

  • Quickly find the extension you need while making a call
  • Manage up to 10 separate lists
  • Import your entire office list with a CSV file
  • Sort extensions by first name, last name or extension
  • Simple, clean UI makes it easy to use


Don't miss out on this amazing FREE app. Let Extensions take the clutter out of your contacts!