All the Rings

Close All the Rings, Every Day

Taking another step towards a healthier lifestyle is always a good choice. We know the importance of daily activity and understand the commitment needed to achieve those goals. All the Rings is designed to compliment and enhance Apple's Activity app experience and help you close all the rings, every day.

All the Rings dives deeper into your health data and presents it to you in a way that enables you to achieve your goals faster and with more consistency. Now you can monitor your activity streaks, compare workouts, get detailed activity stats, enable alerts for increased awareness of your progress, and so much more.

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All the Rings

Monitor Your Streaks - Now you can easily view your move, exercise, and stand streaks. Compare your current streaks to your all-time best streaks to help you stay motivated.
Compare Your Workouts - Need to earn some quick workout minutes to hit your goal? Just compare the efficiency of your workouts. Sorting by calories burned per minute let's you know which workout will get you to your goal the fastest.
Detailed Activity Stats - Detailed health and fitness data are just a tap away. View your best days, perfect months, averages over different time periods, and so much more.
Get Alerts To Stay On Target - Enabling alerts makes it easier to achieve your daily goals. Now you can be notified if you're about to miss a goal before it's too late.

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