Party Doodles - Made for iPad, Designed for Apple TV

Made for iPad, Designed for Apple TV!

Party Doodles is the ultimate party drawing and guessing game. All you need is your iPad and some friends or family to get started. You will have hours of fun doodling and stumping each other with this laugh-out-loud party game!

Download Party Doodles today - it's free - and get the party started!

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Download Party Doodles on the App Store

Party Doodles Using AirPlay

Say Goodbye to Chalkboards and Easels

If you want to experience the ultimate game play, connect to Apple TV, draw something, and watch your masterpieces come to life on the big screen.

How to Connect Party Doodles to Apple TV

1. Activate the Control Center on your device.
2. Tap the AirPlay icon. AirPlay
3. Select Apple TV and turn Mirroring on.