If you're a developer using Xcode®, you need Watchdog.

Watchdog monitors Xcode and automatically cleans up stale cache files that prevent you from getting a good build. Don’t waste any more time. Install Watchdog.

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Made for iPad, Designed for Apple TV

Party Doodles is the ultimate party drawing and guessing game. All you need is your iPad and some friends or family to get started. You will have hours of fun doodling and stumping each other with this exciting new game!

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Party Doodles


Word Game Enthusiasts Unite!

WORDOLOGY is a fun, exciting and addictive word game! If you pride yourself as a word game expert and have been looking for something to challenge your vocabulary, then this game is for you.

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Seize the Day!

Improve your life through positive affirmations. Research has shown that thinking positively can dramatically alter one's outlook in life and help steer a person towards success. Carpe Diem will deliver a healthy, positive message to you to give each day a little boost.

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Clean Up Your Contacts

Extensions is a must have utility that helps organize the office extensions of all your business or personal contacts in one simple to use app. It is specifically designed for those people who need to call their office regularly, but don't necessarily need a separate entry for each co-worker stored in their contacts.

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App Design and Development

Cerebral Gardens is a design and development studio specializing in iOS and Mac applications. We offer an end-to-end solution, from the server development and API design, to the desktop and mobile apps used by your clients. Our work also includes icons, logos, websites, marketing material, and games.

Not sure where to start? That's okay. We also offer software development, design, and consulting services tailored to your app needs.

We also make our own apps that are available in the App Store.

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  • As we all scramble to learn this fantastic new language Apple gifted to us at WWDC 2014, we're coming across new ways of doing things, either because the new way is better, or because the old way is no longer possible. One of the main features that Swift has taken away,...

  • Today, Cerebral Gardens introduces Watchdog for Xcode. Watchdog is a helpful utility for iOS and Mac OS X developers that monitors Xcode cache files (DerivedData) and cleans out stale files before they interfere with your builds. If you’ve been building apps in Xcode for a while, you will see the value in...

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  • Next weekend 360iDev starts, and last weekend was the first CocoaConf of the fall 2014 season. I’ve seen on twitter at least one request for advice from a first-time attendee. I had more to say than I could fit into a tweet, so I thought I’d respond here. Core Theme:...

  • TL;DR — Check out the pictures and videos on this page, and you’ll see how I adapted the basic circular menu of Click version 1 to fit the new iOS 7 design aesthetic, not just in visual terms, but also in interaction style: clean and almost chrome free, with more...

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"Authy use the same algorithm banks and the NSA use to protect their information"<- Not a selling feature. I prefer the security in Lockdown

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[PHOTO] Liftoff!! Falcon 9 lifts off from LC-40 at Cape Canaveral carrying Dragon to resupply the space station.

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Really digging @cocoaapp’s new app “Lockdown” - Nice central place for 2FA codes

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Bumble Bee - iPhone 6 Plus at 240fps Like wow

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We're doing it live. Right now.

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