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Cerebral Gardens is a design and development studio specializing in iOS and Mac applications. We make our own apps and provide consulting services. Our work also includes game, icon, and web design.

Meet the Team

Dave Wood

Dave Wood

Sabrina Wood

Sabrina Wood

UI/UX Designer


Fitness Director


If you want to develop an app but aren't sure where to begin or you want to know how to successfully launch an app on the App Store, we can help you through the process and discuss your options. Once we understand your goals and expectations, we can determine if developing an app is right for you and your business.


Before we can begin development on a project, a detailed design must be created. We know what can be done with the current hardware and software available. We will work with you to create a prototype of your app so you can see how it will look and perform.


We offer an end-to-end solution, from the server development and API design, to the desktop and mobile apps used by your clients. We specialize in mobile application development for the iPhone and iPad as well as Mac applications that can integrate with or work independently from the mobile apps. We can help you turn your idea, into a reality and will work with you to ensure your product meets the needs of your organization and enhances your customers' experience.

Some of Our Clients

Rogers Media
General Motors
Bell Media
Leo Burnett
Post Media